The Mammoth Walk


Fife, Scotland




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The Mammoth Walk takes us on a journey over the land at both the east and west edges of the Binn hill. The mammoth is an animal that travelled over different lands in a different time. The Binn hill takes the form of a sleeping Mammoth, resting on the land thousands of years ago, now holding a safe space for the town.

The land and hills of Scotland contain very powerful connections and forces. This is a journey to ask for the help of the Creator in difficult times. The words spoken “Jah Jah, Qui Qui Qui Qui, nou apel toi” is a calling to the Creator to walk with us to receive strength, confidence, peace of mind, and health, during the journey of life.

We hold a responsibility of teaching the new generations about the elements and natural connections of the earth. When we are walking through dark times, we call for the light to bring clarity in our lives, so in winter time when it is dark and wet the snow, which represents holiness and purity, can bring light, happiness and joy.